PluginWiki is a website dedicated to offering developers and users a centralized portal for resource documentation. With PluginWiki, Minecraft plugin developers and software creators can easily create and share documentation for their resources. PluginWiki makes it easy for Minecraft server owners and administrators to search for and find the documentation they need for the plugins they rely on.


If you have a plugin or other resource with documentation, publishing it is easy. First, sign up via the PluginWiki registration page at http://pluginwiki.io/welcome?do=register. After completing your registration, think of a name or title that could briefly represent your plugin or resource. Then, navigate to http://pluginwiki.io/<name/title> (e.g. http://pluginwiki.io/myplugin) and click Create Page to start publishing your documentation.

Make sure your documentation is easily understood and clean, as it makes it easier for visitors and members to follow.


PluginWiki runs on DokuWiki, a simple to use and open source wiki software. More information on DokuWiki can be found at https://www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki.

If you wish to sell your plugins, configurations or anything other then you may do so at http://fiver.io, the new digital marketplace without limitations.


PluginWiki loves to support the developers that rely on our wiki. If you would like your plugin or resource to be featured on the main page of the PluginWiki site, please tweet to us at @PluginWiki.

  • UnityGen - the #1 generator plugin within SpigotMC, with both item and command support and many more features

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